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by Chef taylor jimmerson

Food is everything we are. It’s an extension of nationalist feeling, ethnic feeling, your personal history, your province, your region, your tribe, your grandma. It’s inseparable from those, from the get-go
— Anthony Bourdain


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A Brief history...


 I was raised in the North Georgia mountains, surrounded by nature's beauty and bounty. From a young age I was always a creative spirit; whether it was food, art, or music. But what has kept me in the hospitality industry for the long-haul, is the incredible way food brings people together. Whether it’s a simple meal to catch up with friends and family, or if it’s a team in the kitchen working tirelessly to give their guests a great experience. Cuisine is the experience through smell, taste, texture and color that creates good memories.

Some of my favorite childhood memories are of food. Whether it was the smell of my relative’s kitchen during the holidays, or meals during vacations I took with my family as a kid. The way food can teleport me back to those exact moments in time is something so tangible and incredibly captivating.

I’ve been cooking in the restaurant industry for over 15 years and have worked my way from humble dishwasher to running my own kitchen as an executive chef. I am proudly working at a local farm so I can connect with other farmers and their fresh, seasonal produce because I want to provide my clients with the best ingredients.

I attended culinary school at Chattahoochee Tech, and I am currently ServSafe certified as a Chef. I am very confident and familiar with cooking for all types of food allergies and dietary restrictions. Throughout my career I have happily accommodated a wide variety of dietary and allergy requests. 

Cheers y'all!


Private Dinners & Special Occasions 

Rates can start at $75 per person for 4 courses with optional drink pairings.

Do you have special occasion coming up? Still haven't thought of a great idea or gift yet?!

Whether it’s for an anniversary, birthday, or even if you want to have some friends over for a dinner party, let chef Taylor create a memorable evening for you and your guests.

Having worked with a wide variety of cuisines, ingredients, and techniques in his career, chef Taylor is quite knowledgable and capable of handling most any request (within reason). Although he prefers to keep his ingredients local and seasonal, chef Taylor will do everything in his powers to meet any requests for your dinner. 

The dinners can be scaled up or down to your liking. Some of his clients have requested fewer than 4 courses, while others have wanted even more for an elevated experience! Prices will adjust to number of courses and/or optional drink pairings.

In-Home Meal Planning and Prepping

Rates can start at $30 per hour (plus cost of groceries)

Menus are curated to each customer due to different dietary options or restrictions

Are you finding yourself with less time to plan, shop, prepare, and cook a delicious, healthy meal?! Wishing you had more time to spend however you'd like?!

Nothing is better than coming home from a long day to a made-from-scratch, hand crafted meal. The problem that faces most of Americans is they simply don't have the time to make such a meal that night, let alone for the week!  When you break down how long it takes the average person to plan, shop, prepare, cook, and then clean up after a meal, it's easily justifiable to hire a personal chef. How much is your time worth to you?

All meals are prepared from scratch and with love. You can be rest-assured knowing that chef Taylor will be hand-crafting meals with care and attention, and not mass-produced or pre-packaged. Your meal planning services can be as flexible and personalized as you'd like. Life happens whether you planned on it or not, so pausing your meals is never an issue. No subscription or membership required.

Dietary options include, but not limited to:Vegan / Vegetarian - Gluten Free - Keto - Paleo - Kosher - Organic Only - Raw

Hungry Goat lets you control your grocery costs as well. You can request that chef Taylor only shop at certain locations or buys certain brands to fit your grocery budget. Unless instructed otherwise, he will always shop for his ingredients at either Your Dekalb Farmers Market or the local farmers markets in the Atlanta/Decatur area. 

Dietary restrictions, whether it's for health, personal, or religious reasons, are no concern at all. Chef Taylor will happily made accommodations of any kind to make sure you and your guests have the best experience possible.

Click the link below to connect with chef Taylor and let him create a menu that suites your needs

Cooking Classes (Group or Individual)

Rates start at $100 per person (equipment and ingredients are provided)

Have you ever wanted to be a little more self-sufficient in the kitchen? Do you like the idea of entertaining guests by showing off your culinary skills?!

Friends and family members have asked chef Taylor countless times for recipes, quick tips, cooking instructions, kitchen sustainability techniques, etc. Spreading the knowledge through food is just as important to chef Taylor as his clients enjoying it. 

Cooking Classes and workshops can last anywhere between 1-3 hours (depending on the dish).  All cooking ingredients, utensils, and extra equipment will be provided as well as to-go containers for your creation that day. All you need to bring is your appetite for knowledge and delicious food!

All clients will be able to take their creations home with a detailed recipe from that particular class or workshop.




POP-UP AT a mano!!!

JANUARY 6, 2019 6-9PM



Come join chef Taylor Jimmerson of Hungry Goat, and guest chef Randy James of Montaluce Winery & Vineyards for Hungry Goat’s first official Pop-Up Dinner!

On January 6, chefs Taylor and Randy will be paying homage to their humble Eastern Europe heritage, featuring dishes that will be sure to keep the bellies and souls warm during this coming winter. With almost 40 years of culinary experience between the two of them, both chefs will be utilizing local and seasonal ingredients to showcase their French, German, Polish, and Lithuanian ancestry. 

A MANO • 587 Ralph McGill Blvd NE

Atlanta, GA 30312 • 404-549-7727 

Sunday, January 6th, 2019

Bar opens at 5:30pm

Service is from 6-9pm

À la carte and tasting menu options available



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